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Branding, Client Project, Hero Card

December 13, 2019

2019 Promo Card – Trey Starks


Project // Promotional Card Design


A promotional card (promo card for short) showcases more of a partnership with your sponsors or marketing partners and their products or offerings, rather than all about the driver and team.

Hero cards are essentially a walking resume for drivers. They help you grow your relationship with fans in the same way that business cards help you grow relationships.

These two different type of cards go hand-in-hand while showcasing some extremely close similarities. They both are great for autographs and promoting to a specific audience.

Promotional cards are great for the larger market to showcase a sponsors product – Such as the way we showcased Champion Oil’s racing oil and other products used in the Gobrecht Racing Team’s race shop.

Not only do hero cards allow you to promote yourself and your team, but they also give you a very basic and engaging way to showcase partners who support your racing.

Every fan wants the opportunity to get an autograph from their favorite driver, you can use hero cards for personal appearances, track meet and greets, but you can and should make them available through your website as well.

Which may be the right choice for your brand and sponsors? Keep reading to find out why we designed Trey’s promo cards for The Performance Racing Industry’s event and why a promotional card was the best choice in the end.

The Design Process

I was honored when I got asked by Jeff, part owner of Gobrecht Motorsports, to create Trey Starks hero card/promotional piece for the 2019 Performance Racing Industry trade show, held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This process started roughly around Thanksgiving 2019, and the design was done and decided upon within a few short days later. Normally I print the cards with a local printer to my location, but this was a special case, as they had their own printer to print the cards.

I had a phone conversation with Jeff, part owner of Gobrecht Motorsports and we discussed what elements he would like to be showcased on this promotional card.

A few points of our discussion were: 5 Champion Oil products, Must Have Sponsors, Trey’s Accomplishments, and all Social Media information as well.

The cards featured several products that are sold by Champion Oil, the sponsor that these cards were going to be hosting the autograph session for Trey.

We made sure to include key factors about the Champion Oil racing products that are featured components in their line up, which included:

  • SAE 20W-50 Synthetic Blend

  • Champion RX-454 Penetrant

  • Champion Wipe-R-Clean Glass Cleaner

  • Champion Racing 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Lubricant

  • Champion Cold Blue Coolant Additive

A clean, professional look, but still unique is just what Gobrecht Motorsports was looking for, as this card was going to host a lot of text, describing the Champion Oil products.

Jeff also expressed that he needed to have Trey’s & Gobrecht Motorsport’s 2019 accomplishments:

  • Knoxville Nationals Prelim. Winner

  • Tuscarora 50 Night #1 Winner

  • Knoxville Rookie of the Year

I like when cards match the driver’s car graphics or include bits of the color scheme, to stay on brand.

I made sure to tie in the Gobrecht Motorsports car branding to Trey’s card.

I am very excited to finally release the design, and share my process with you.

Shown below is the front and back of Trey Starks’ finalized card design.

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Client: Trey Starks / Gobrecht Motorsports

Category: Motorsports, Hero Card

Location: New Oxford, Pennsylvania

Not sure where to start?
Do you sponsor a team? Are you a driver who wants to put his or her best foot forward when promoting yourself off the track?

Drop an email to and start the process today to getting your very own set of racing autograph cards or hero cards! Your fans, current sponsors, and potential fan reach will thank you in the long run!

About Nicole Signor Creative: Headquartered in South Central Pennsylvania, Nicole Signor Creative provides professional grade photography, graphic design, marketing, content creation, and social media management in the Motorsports industry; sprint car racing focus. Join Nicole Signor Creative on social media: Twitter: @NSignorCreative; Instagram: @NicoleSignorCreative; and Facebook: Nicole Signor Creative

Hello. My name is Nicole. A Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Content Creator for businesses and race teams. I blog about photography, design and traveling as a motorsports photographer.

Hello. My name is Nicole.

A Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Content Creator for businesses and race teams. I blog about photography, design and traveling as a motorsports photographer.

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