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Branding, Client Project, Hero Card

July 10, 2020

2020 Hero Card – Anthony Tramontana


Project // Hero Card Design

The Design Process

Anthony’s mother, Danielle, contacted me inquiring how to get started on getting a set of hero cards for Anthony for the 2020 racing season.

Anthony Tramontana is the race car driver of the No. 13T Crate Sportsman Modified, from Vineland, New Jersey and he has been competing all across the Eastern coast throughout his racing career prior to making the jump to the Modified divison, he raced Quarter Midgets .

Like all my clients, I had Danielle and Anthony fill out my custom hero card questionnaire.

I have found my driver hero card questionnaire has been a huge benefit and time saver in designing each autograph card.

I have found this makes gathering my clients career and racing highlights easier, as well as very concise and focused on what truly will benefit their audience or reach that will pick up their cards.

Some of my clients have had a hard time coming up with the information, not just any information, but the necessary information that is needed for their card, and this questionnaire gets them thinking of what’s truly important or several “musts” for any autograph card. This questionnaire takes out the back and forth between my clients, and keeps all of their information in one place.

Items we definitely wanted to highlight on Anthony’s autograph card were:

  • Marketing Partners for the 2020 season

  • Anthony’s Social Media information

  • Anthony’s Racing Career, Stats, & Accomplishments

  • A professional and clean looking card.

Branding is crucial when it comes to an effective and unique hero card, and if you look at the past hero cards that I have done, you will notice a trend, no matter what style of racing, that specific autograph card is for. I pulled the lime green color directly from the photo of the car that I was given to work with. I also made all of the logos consistent with the color scheme: lime green, black, and white. I also created a name plate graphic for his card design and tied in the state shape of New Jersey, around his dirt modified car.

This allows for easy recognition, and really ties in your marketing partners as well! Due to the color, being a bright lime green, it can be extremely hard to see logos, among the differences and variations of the color hues, I added a white banner to the bottom of the back side, to allow for the sponsor’s logos to be read effectively, and really stand out on the back of the card for easily legibility, once finally printed.

Usually I work with my own images, but since I was unable to shoot images of this specific car, we had to work with another photographer to make it happen. Adam Rubright supplied several high resolutions that I was able to transform and make work in a unique fashion, to really adhere to the cards design. I owe a huge shout out and thank you to Adam, with Rubright Racing Images for allowing the use of the images of Anthony’s car for this hero card design. Be sure to check out Adam’s work, right here.

This entire process took roughly two weeks, with the July 4th holiday. My art turn around time at the moment is about 1 to 2 days, for the first proof art, so let’s create a unique card just for your driver!

Shown below is the front and back of Anthony’s finalized card design.

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Client: Anthony Tramontana

Category: Motorsports, Hero Card

Location: Vineland, New Jersey

Not sure where to start?
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