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Branding, Client Project, Hero Card

June 4, 2020

2020 Hero Card – Chad Trout



The Design Process

Chad Trout and his wife, Jessica, contacted me prior to Lincoln Speedway’s 2020 Ice Breaker race, and we quickly got started on working on these autograph cards!

I shot several images at a Lincoln Speedway’s practice after the second race, to get some better images of Chad’s car to use for his card.

I like using my own images, and I’m able to really get a feel for how I want the card to look, when I use my own photography. It also allows me to shoot specifically with an intent, after capturing the images, instead of just shooting and hoping they will work later down the road. Usually that is never a good idea. I shoot my images so that they can be used in graphics, rather than just “here’s another sprint car image” to post on social media. A lot of thought goes into my work and there is usually a reason, for why an image is pleasing to the eye, and why it’s just another image to look pretty in a low resolution file being uploaded.

Normally, it doesn’t take this long to get a hero card done and printed, but upon Jessica and Chad’s request, they didn’t like the original helmet shot that I had used on the first proof – No big deal at all. I like my clients to be overall happy and extremely pleased with their projects. We were at a standstill by that point and we had to wait until we were back to racing in Pennsylvania for me to get a better headshot of Chad! We wasted no time getting that headshot. The first race back at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, we got that taken care of, and the cards were sent to be printed after once approved, which only took a few days.

Chad Trout is the driver of the No. 1x 410 winged sprint car, and no stranger to excelling other divisions such as: 270 Micro Sprints, Super Sportsman’s, 358 Sprint Cars, and 360 Sprint Cars.

Chad has had several accomplishments in his racing career, including 3 270 micro sprint wins, 5 super sportsman wins, 16 358 sprint car feature wins, 1 360 sprint car win, and now 3 sprint car wins, as he won this past weekend (after the cards were sent to the printer)! Congratulations on your 3rd 410 Sprint Car Win, at Lincoln Speedway, on May 30th, 2020.

Like all my clients, I had Chad and Jessica fill out my custom hero card questionnaire.

This questionnaire has been a huge benefit and time saver in designing each hero card.

I have found this makes gathering my clients career and racing highlights easier, as well as very concise and focused on what truly will benefit their audience or reach that will pick up their cards.

Some of my clients have had a hard time coming up with the information, not just any information, but the necessary information that is needed for their card, and this questionnaire gets them thinking of what’s truly important or several “musts” for any autograph card. This questionnaire takes out the back and forth between my clients, and keeps all of their information in one place.

Items we definitely wanted to highlight on Chad’s autograph card were:

  • Marketing Partners for the 2020 season

  • Chad’s Social Media & Website information

  • Chad’s Racing Career, Stats, & Accomplishments

I wanted to tie in the gold color in his car graphics. This was a timepiece on the 1x car, that has remained for a few years, so it’s highly recognized now, by fans.

I tied in the gold look, by using his name plate, and creating “CHAD” out of the letters that I had available from his last name “TROUT” graphic that was found on the car, since “CHAD” wasn’t done before, in Chad’s graphic package that was supplied by Chad Baker and Race Ready Ink.

I also thought it would be neat to tie in the swoosh graphics that are found on Chad’s wing, and body panels. I used these on the front design, to really frame Chad’s car, that way it would draw any fan’s eye, right to the car in a pleasing way, as well as use their branding to create a cohesive look across their marketing package.

Branding is crucial when it comes to an effective and unique hero card, and if you look at the past hero cards that I have done, you will notice a trend, no matter what style of racing, that specific autograph card is for.

This allows for easy recognition, and really ties in your marketing partners as well!

Shown below is the front and back of Chad’s finalized card design.

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Client: Chad Trout

Category: Motorsports, Hero Card

Location: Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

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About Nicole Signor Creative: Headquartered in South Central Pennsylvania, Nicole Signor Creative provides professional grade photography, graphic design, marketing, content creation, and social media management in the Motorsports industry; sprint car racing focus. Join Nicole Signor Creative on social media: Twitter: @NSignorCreative; Instagram: @NicoleSignorCreative; and Facebook: Nicole Signor Creative

Hello. My name is Nicole. A Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Content Creator for businesses and race teams. I blog about photography, design and traveling as a motorsports photographer.

Hello. My name is Nicole.

A Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Content Creator for businesses and race teams. I blog about photography, design and traveling as a motorsports photographer.

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