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Branding, Client Project, Hero Card

May 2, 2021

2021 Hero Card – Chad Trout


Project // Hero Card Design

The icing on the cake to this project being completed was that Chad received his cards for the 2021 season this past weekend, where he had also picked up the win at Lincoln Speedway that same night (May 1st, 2021).

Congratulations to Chad Trout and the entire RWR team for picking up the win this past weekend! I am pretty sure this same scenario played out last year as well! We will get the number of 410 wins changed, for a future re-order! I love seeing clients of mine win!

The Design Process

Chad Trout’s wife, Jessica, contacted me to get an updated hero card from last year’s card that I had designed, but with this year’s paint scheme and updated sponsors logos. We quickly got started on working on these autograph cards!

I shot several images at one of Lincoln Speedway’s races, to get some usable images of Chad’s car to use for his card.

I like using my own images, and I’m able to really get a feel for how I want the card to look, when I use my own photography. It also allows me to shoot specifically with an intent, after capturing the images, instead of just shooting and hoping they will work later down the road. Usually that is never a good idea. I shoot my images so that they can be used in graphics, rather than just “here’s another sprint car image” to post on social media. A lot of thought goes into my work and there is usually a reason, for why an image is pleasing to the eye, and why it’s just another image to look pretty in a low resolution file being uploaded. Most of my images are well thought out prior to even walking in the gate at the track – due to I have specific ways I like my cards to look during the planning stages prior to designing on the computer.

I strive to exceed my clients expectations with their projects. I was able to re-use the same headshot from Chad’s 2020 card. He hasn’t changed a bit in less than a year – so this worked well. It also has helped that the top wing didn’t change either from year to year.

Chad Trout is the driver of the No. 1x 410 winged sprint car, and no stranger to excelling other divisions such as: 270 Micro Sprints, Super Sportsman’s, 358 Sprint Cars, and 360 Sprint Cars.

Chad has had several accomplishments in his racing career, including 3 270 micro sprint wins, 5 super sportsman wins, 16 358 sprint car feature wins, 1 360 sprint car win, and now 3 sprint car wins. We updated Chad’s statistics from the 2020 card, and overall Chad’s biography did not take on any changes.

Items we definitely wanted to highlight on Chad’s autograph card were:

  • Photo of the 410 & a headshot

  • His updated 2021 sponsors

  • Chad’s social media & website

  • A professional and clean looking card with his extensive biography.


Branding is crucial when it comes to an effective and unique hero card, and if you look at the past hero cards that I have done, you will notice a trend, no matter what style of racing, that specific autograph card is for. Your car graphics is a huge part of your brand.

Chad Baker, of Race Ready Ink, continues to provide excellent graphics from teams car wraps, and this makes designing cards functional and easier, and less time consuming. I like to use graphics straight from the car wrap, so that these cards are cohesive to the team’s brand and easily identifiable walking through the pits, or at the next autograph session. They provide a level of professionalism, that other cards may lack.


High Resolution photographs are necessary to creating any printed material. For online, we use low resolution – This is exactly why the images that you may find online do not print the clearest. They may appear pixelated, once printed. This is not the most professional look.

For all of my hero cards, I either shoot my own images, and use those or I require each team or driver, to contact a photographer of their choice, and obtain the consent to be used or purchase a high resolution downloadable image to be used. This not only protects me as a graphic designer, but also protects the photographer, in the long run and creates less drama. I’ve had many images stolen and refuse to be the designer that burns a bridge.

Shown below is the front and back of Chad Trout’s finalized card design.

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Client: Chad Trout

Category: Motorsports, Hero Card

Location: Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

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About Nicole Signor Creative: Headquartered in South Central Pennsylvania, Nicole Signor Creative provides professional grade photography, graphic design, marketing, content creation, and social media management in the Motorsports industry; sprint car racing focus. Join Nicole Signor Creative on social media: Twitter: @NSignorCreative; Instagram: @NicoleSignorCreative; and Facebook: Nicole Signor Creative

Hello. My name is Nicole. A Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Content Creator for businesses and race teams. I blog about photography, design and traveling as a motorsports photographer.

Hello. My name is Nicole.

A Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Content Creator for businesses and race teams. I blog about photography, design and traveling as a motorsports photographer.

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