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Branding, Client Project, Hero Card, Promotional Card

October 22, 2021

2021 Hero Card – Split Personality Monster Truck Racing

Project // Driver Card Design

Split Personality Monster Truck team

This card design took a little bit longer than normal, due to needing to recieve high resolution images from the team. The original images were pulled from Facebook, so I had the team contact the original photographer for the high resolution file, so that we could provide the best quality prints to them.

Items the Split Personality team definitely wanted to highlight on their autograph card were:

  • Social Media account

  • Split Personality Logo

  • A professional and clean looking card

  • 2 images blended together seamlessly on the front of the card

I think we were able to provide a great professional looking card with plenty of space for their paired signature, during autograph sessions that the team will use these cards for.

Want to learn more about the Split Personality Monster Truck team? Follow them on Facebook, right here.

Client: Split Personality Monster Truck Team

Division: Monster Truck

Category: Motorsports, Hero Card

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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