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Apparel Design, T-Shirt Design

July 30, 2021

2021 Throwback T-Shirt Design – Faust Racing 332

CLIENT PROJECT // 2021 Crew T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt design requires vector artwork to be used for production. I created this vector style design in Adobe Illustrator – program of my choice and an industry standard for vector artwork.


This t-shirt design only took less than 2 hours to design before Jenelle saw the first proof. We had minor changes and after a request for a different image to be redrawn we had created a great graphic for the front of the throwback shirt. Working under a tight deadline, this allowed me to work hard and faster than normally would.

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“We hired Nicole’s services to illustrate, design, and file-ize (go with it) artwork to be used for various screen printing projects. She was professional, fast, and knowledgeable about racing, which is extremely helpful when the layout includes cars in motion and finer details.”

– Jenelle Montilone

Client: Faust Racing

Category: Motorsports,

Location: New Jersey

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