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3x5 Custom Flags, Novelty Design

August 12, 2021

Custom 3×5 Flag w/ Grommets – Tyler Warriner


CLIENT PROJECT // 3×5 Flag Design with Grommets

Are you a die hard racing fan or racing family, looking for the next best thing to hang in your own yard to show your neighbors your love for racing? Why not a get a custom 3×5 rectangle flag with your favorite driver on them?! These flags are great for the outside or in any fan’s living room (alright, or game room) quarters! A custom 3×5 flag is the perfect gift for the racing fanatic or family! ( I also can do the custom smaller yard flags that hang on the wrought iron stands, too – see example)

I was contacted through Tiktok, from a follower, who is Tyler Warriner’s girlfriend, to create a 3×5 flag to hang outside of their house to commemorate him winning the series Championship in 2021.

Boy, was I ever excited to get this project started!

I don’t get to create the 3×5 flags often, just due to I don’t advertise them much. This is now my third one that I have produced for clients and it looks great!

I was able to get the proof done the next day, after receiving Tyler Warriner’s art and image. I was provided the 12 with the signature, as well as a high resolution image to use.

The bright color in the 12 graphic that is the same in the car, worked perfectly to transition the 12 graphic that was sent over with the signature. This really brought the flag to life, when bits and pieces are found within the car’s design. I also picked out a specific blue color from the car photo and used that to break up the asphalt track surface underneath and the background of the car photo, to add a little bit more of dimension to the image itself from a graphic design view point. This car had crisp, clean lines on the body panels, so I didn’t want to add any distracting elements to this to take away from the car itself, since that in the end, is the main focal point of the flag!

Design Production: Less than 2 days.
Flag Production Timeframe: 3 weeks.
Are you interested in getting a custom flag for yourself? Send me a message to get started.

Client: Tyler Warriner

Category: Motorsports, Novelty Items

Location: Glen Allen, Virginia

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