At 27 years old, Nicole has built the company and personal brand that most only can dream about.

Like many others, Nicole has always had a creative side, and she began learning graphic design and photography techniques and skills prior to earning her college education at Gettysburg Area High School.

Nicole began to focus her academic schedule primarily on excelling in her passion of Photography and Graphic Design, where she taught several lessons to the Photography Level 1 class, as a High School Student Intern. She was also the Yearbook Sports editor her senior year of high school where she primarily focused on making edits and closely following detail throughout the design of the yearbook. 

Accompanied with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Communications & Printing from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Nicole has excelled with new techniques and continues to put her own spin on them within real world applications and challenges.

Nicole was a Graphic Design Intern at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, where she had designed several publications, media, and photographed multiple sports for the college over the course of her Sophomore Year.

Nicole later began to develop a passion for wedding photography, and detailing real love stories, that she dreamed about herself and has shot multiple weddings and engagement sessions.  She loves capturing the detail of your love story, paired with your own personalities, to create gorgeous memories that you and your groom will cherish for eternity. 

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