What can a Hero Card do for your driver or sponsor?

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Hero cards are a big part of your marketing campaign, adding extra exposure and possible benefits for your marketing partners.

Not only do hero cards allow you to promote yourself and your team, but they also give you a very basic and engaging way to showcase those top tier sponsors who support your racing career and season. 

These keepsakes are what fans desire while walking through the pits, paired with their favorite driver’s signature. Hero cards are great for personal appearances, track meet and greets, but you should also provide access to them on your website, through grab bag purchases or as an extra addition to any T-shirt purchase.

5x7 pRINTS

250 Prints = $350
500 Prints = $470
750 Prints = $550
1,000 Prints =$625

6x9 pRINTS

250 Prints = $400
500 Prints = $500
750 Prints = $600
1,000 Prints = $700

8x10 pRINTS

250 Prints = $450
500 Prints = $550
750 Prints = $650
1,000 Prints = $750

Nicole Signor Creative takes pride in creating unique Hero Cards and Autograph Cards for drivers that are 100% custom and designed to meet your needs and talent.

Every hero card is designed, utilizing graphics from your car, unique color scheme, sponsors, combined together to give you one complete branded hero card that is effectively paired with your skills on the track for your fans. 

Nicole Signor Creative offers three different and unique sizes for hero cards. These are the best sizes to instantly grab your fans attention as they navigate the crowded pit area. 5x7’s are comparable to a postcard size. 8x10’s are the standard size of a portrait/photograph. Last but not least 6x9 is the standard middle size to stand out in the pits. 

100% Custom design