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Client Project, Website Design, Website Developement

August 30, 2020

Kyle Keen Motorsports Website Development & Launch



I’m very excited to launch the new Kyle Keen Motorsports website to race fans, Kyle’s marketing partners and potential new partners as well!

We have kept this site under wraps for the past few weeks but now is the time the website is finally LIVE to the public.

The website development and design process took about4 days to build without an e-commerce site, which is pretty usual for one of my website builds. The total length of the process was 2 weeks, upon changes from Kyle that he wanted to make.

On Kyle’s website we have included the following tabs: About, Partners, Schedule, E-Sports Sim Team, Contact, News, and Social Media.

All of these pages are the most beneficial to the Keen Motorsports team’s growth as an upcoming 305 sprint car team, in the heart of Central Pennsylvania.

I am very excited to also have a few of my photos featured on Kyle’s website, as an added benefit of utilizing my web design services for no additional cost, as well as feature other photographer’s work as well, supplied by Kyle.



There was a little bit of special coding that had to be done with the creation of this website design. I utilized a unique code for the schedule tab, to make the schedule appear to shrink or grow in size depending upon what device you would be seeing the schedule appear on, such as: mobile, tablet, or desktop platforms.

This is beneficial because when you have varying screen sizes, your website can appear differently, if not formatted properly. This makes looking at the schedule quickly, more comprehensive and easier to see all on one screen and not requiring you to scroll left or right continuously to see the full table

This also makes for easy editing as well!


Check out Kyle Keen Motorsports website now, at

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