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Brand Development, Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design

November 20, 2019

Logo Design – WB Motorsports

Logo designs are the first step to creating a unique brand that resonates with your fans and competitors. A logo also acts as a symbol to describe your brand. Timeless, unique and memorable are all key words when describing how you want your logo to be perceived.

I worked closely with the owner of WB Motorsports, a 410 sprint car team, located in Hanover, Pennsylvania, to create their logo. Originally, we had decided to create a throwback style logo, kind of like the old days of racing. The owner really liked the looks of the older car logos, and that is where we drew inspiration from for this logo creation.

Two stripes signifying two owners, part owners – Will Bechtel & Troy Wagaman Jr. WB is Will Bechtel’s nickname.

We have just changed the logo based on the car’s color scheme each year. This has been part of their branding for the past 5 years, going on 6, and it is pretty recognizable on the car as well.




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