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Branding, Client Project, Logo Design

April 23, 2020

Travis Esh Motorsports – Logo Design






I was contacted a few weeks ago by Travis Esh’s girlfriend, Allison, about what it would include to design a logo for their race team. A few weeks later, she sent me another message and wanted to get a jump on the logo design process before race season got back under way after this quarantine process/coronavirus pandemic.

Items we definitely wanted to highlight within the new Travis Esh Motorsports logo design were:

  • Badge type look

  • Bright Green color to match their car scheme

  • A logo that would look professional no matter where it was placed

  • TEM lettering with a clear lettering style

After discussing their suggestions and compiled their ideas, I quickly got to work designing the logo on the computer.

I worked in Adobe Illustrator to create a vector logo for their team.

I supplied 6 different variations of TEM logo options, including this original logo, and we began to make changes from that starting point.

We had narrowed down the color scheme to match their car colors: fluorescent green, white, black.

We had tried several different options to include the light grey, but when proofed they changed their mind and just kept the three color look instead.

We went through 3 rounds of corrections before the finished logo design. with approved.

travis esh motorsports apparel items.jpg


Nicole created an awesome logo for me in a timely manor, and exceeded my expectations! I would use her again for any and all future photography / projects.

— Allison Wagner, Travis Esh Motorsports


A vector logo is very valuable when it comes to design work.

A vector logo is made up of points, and it can be scaled down or up and will not become pixelated, or fuzzy like raster images (aka – a JPEG or photo file).

A vector logo is what you need to scale up for billboards, or scale down for smaller items.

A lot of print companies require vector artwork for t-shirts, embroidered items, vinyl items, or printed materials, because they know it will be crisp and clean artwork to utilize.

Also, if they would need to alter it for whatever reason, they know they have that opportunity to do so, to make adjustments. A raster or JPEG version will not work.


With every logo that I design and every client I design for I make a web page on my website to download from my website for my clients with their specific login client number, protected by a password of course.

This way my clients know exactly where they can find the files and know each step of the process.

I give my clients the following files to download:

  • .PNG (raster) w/ transparent background

  • .JPEG (raster) w/ black and white backgrounds

  • .AI (vector)

  • .PDF (vector)

  • .EPS (vector)

If you are unsure of the differences between raster and vector files, please see my blog post A client’s guide to file formats, raster vs. vector. This blog post will help you better understand the differences.

I also offer my clients extra assistance, if they would need any other files for their projects to let me know and I can create them for them.

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