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Knox, Life With a Puppy

January 15, 2021

Welcome Home, Knox

Surprise! If you haven’t been keeping up with my various social media accounts, I have adopted a new furry family member, and his name is Knox (after Knoxville Raceway, in Knoxville, Iowa – the Sprint Car Capitol of the World).

I adopted Knox, an 11 week old(12 week old, now) Great Pyrenees/Labrador Retriever Mix puppy from the PA Caring For K-9’s Rescue.

I am so excited to give Knox a fresh and loving home for him to live his life in! After I bought my own house in October 2020, and once I finished fixing it up in January 2021, I felt it was time to welcome a new family member, and human babies for me at this time was just out of the question(HA)! I can tell Knox is going to fit in just fine, as he has taken many naps since I brought him home! (I’m a nap lover, too).

I have always been in a house with a dog, and that was the missing piece to my very own home!

Troy & I drove clear to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from Hanover, to do a meet and greet and for me it was love at first sight. I was able to take him home that very moment.

I tried the leash at the foster home, and it was not a favorite at first, but now Knox is doing way better than I had thought he would with the leash…. In time I can only assume that he will get more acquainted with the leash.

I have gotten him on what seems like a sleep schedule, go to bed around 8 and wake up at 2:30am, and then back to bed until 5:30am, with bathroom breaks in between! He’s been doing very well in the crate, being crates at night, while I’m upstairs.

I think he feels safe there, because this morning when I was eating my breakfast, he went and laid down, in the crate without being coaxed to get it. And the door was still open. He’s such a trooper adjusting to my schedule.

He’s the same age as my parents Labrador Retriever, and looks almost like he could have been a brother to their pup.

He really hasn’t gotten to learn the word “No.”, yet. He hasn’t gotten to biting anything, except once or twice and is a pretty good pup all around. I have a 3 story house, and he is good until the time I go to the top room, back to the bottom, he’ll just go lay back in his crate until I come back down. I’m very proud of him. I’m super excited to see how his personality more in the next few months.

I’ve taken him on several “field” trips” to my work’s office, to try to socialize him and get him used to going in the car. He doesn’t seem to mind it a whole lot. He’s getting better.

He’s definitely spoiled, but I love it. I always wanted a dog of my own, and for quite some time now.

Here’s some of my favorite photos of him so far!

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